Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Close Encounters of a Wonder Woman Kind 2013

Close Encounters of a Wonder Woman Kind 2013- Colored Pencils, Watercolors on Watercolor paper 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Luana- Mixed Media: Gel Pen, Pencil, Markers, Colored pencils, Watercolors

Jean Harlow 2013
Royal and Langnickel Watercolors on Canson Watercolor paper

Raven 2013- Watercolor, gel pen on watercolor paper 

Lily 2010- Mixed Media:
Pencil, Gel Pen, Scanned and transferred to Photoshop, Photoscape 
Pencil on Sketch paper

Quick Marker drawing of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Sexy Toon Portrait 2011

Tools: England Derwent Pastel pencils/Mixed colored Pencils

Ariel 2013

My version of Disney's Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Pencils/Crayons & Markers on Canson paper

Pinky 2013
Markers and Gel Pens on Sketching Paper

Loreal: Watercolors on Canson Watercolor paper

Violet: Free hand portrait created using Photoshop, Photoscape, Wacom Pen


LOTUS: Tools: Canson Paper, Assorted Colored Pencils, Derwent pencil 3B, Royal Charcoal pencil Medium and pastels

Tangina 2013- Watercolors on Watercolor Canson paper

Peekaboo 2- 2013: Watercolors and Gel pen on canson paper.

Longing - 2012
markers, pencils, crayon

Pretty in Pink 2013- Tools: Canson Watercolor Paper, Gel pen

Self- Caricature

Clara Glow 2012- Tools: Photoshop, Photoscape, Wacom Tablet

Peekaboo 1- 2012

                                     Markers, pencils, gel pen, crayon