Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dead Desire: I did this marker drawing over 15 years ago. Mixed media. Markers, watercolors, pen. I also used bits of cut up paper with different textures as well

Monday, October 8, 2012

Christian Grey 2012- My one and only male portrait: Digital, Photoshop

Monday, January 16, 2012

Comic Book Female Portraits Hardcover Photobook

A must have for any comic book art fan, this beautiful and vibrant book features your favorite female comic book females digitally painted. 


My 38 page photo book measures at 8X10. Paper choices include Kodak Lustre, and Fujifilm HD paper with a fingerprint resistant glossy finish. 



The edge to edge photo covers are laminated for durability and superior longevity.

Front Inside Cover
Back Inside Cover


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(Note: Photos Quality is a lot more vibrant and accurate in person)

Back Cover


Printing by Adoramapix

Price $70.00

Pages are made with of real archival quality photo paper. Professional grade archival paper with excellent resistance to fading is also used. Leporello bindings ensure the books lie flat for double-page spreads and panoramas. What is Leporello binding and why is it better?
Most books are made of individual pages, or pages folded like a V held to the spine of the book with a thin sliver of glue. Leporello binding means all the pages are made of a single long strip and folded like an accordion. The pages are then sealed together on the inside and glued to the inside covers. Because the whole book is one long fan-folded photo, you get the benefit that:

  1. Pages never fall out.
  2. The book lies flat when you open it.
  3. There is no unsightly seam at the middle of every page spread. 

Click below to purchase. Also click to also see a simulation of what the book will look like in print and you can flip through the pages!






Friday, January 13, 2012